STP trading account

STP stands for Straight Through Processing.
In this model, investor orders are sent directly to their liquidity providers (banks or other brokers), and these liquidity providers can trade directly in the interbank foreign exchange market. Some STP brokers only have one liquidity provider, while others have several. The bid / ask price quoted by each liquidity provider is different. The trader will choose the best price. The greater the number of liquidity providers, the better the liquidity, and the smoother the completion of the order. Traders on the STP platform can see real-time market prices and immediately execute orders without intervention by the processing platform. This is the meaning of straight-through processing.

ECN trading account

What is MT4?
ECN, the full name of Electronic Communications Network, means the electronic auto-synthesis mode. It is an electronic trading network using a centralized-decentralized market structure, which is completed in close cooperation with banks, institutions, foreign exchange markets and technology providers. Trader’s orders are directly and anonymously hung on this network, and each order is of equal status, and the trades are made fairly according to the optimization of price and time.
Under the ECN model, platform vendors only play a matching role, similar to matchmaking, matching orders from various investors with each other.

Account Type STP Account ECN Account
Trading Platform MetaTrader 4  MetaTrader 4 
Spread Type Variable Variable
Max Leverage 1:400 1:400
Min Deposit $1000 $10000
Stop Out Level 100% 100%
Min Trade Size 0.01 0.01
Transaction restrictions NO NO

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Our Core Values

low transaction costs

Wisuno FX has established a deep circulation network with many bank trading partners to continuously provide stable and transparent low spread trading conditions for our customers.

trading environment

There are no repeated quotes and no traders’ interference. We provide customers with a completely transparent trading environment, and all orders are executed fairly and openly.

stable server

We have invested huge amounts of money in architecture servers to ensure stable operation, and are committed to integrating cutting-edge technology, and strive to innovate and


Provide popular trading products covering foreign exchange, stock indexes, commodities, etc., experience participating in the fluctuations of global market products anytime, anywhere, and grasp profit opportunities.


Wisuno FX strictly implements the regulatory requirements of the National Bank of Belarus (NBRB). The funds of retail customers are independently deposited in the world’s top banks and completely isolated from the company’s operating funds.

Convenient deposit
and withdrawal

Convenient and fast deposit channels, withdrawing money is accepted within 1 working day.

No trading

We have no specific restrictions on customers’ transactions, and provide customers with a fair and transparent trading platform.

customer service

Every customer in Wisuno FX has a dedicated account manager and provides 24 * 5 trading support. Whether it is the use of the MT4 platform or the problems encountered in the transaction, Wisuno FX customer service staff can help you Provide help and support.

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